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About Us

Enersim, Ltd. specializes in helping building designers and owners make their new or existing buildings more energy efficient. We do this by calculating a building's energy consumption using computer-based energy simulation tools. We can then document energy savings for high performance building programs like LEED or ENERGY STAR, and/or analyze a range of energy efficiency measures to determine which would yield the greatest benefit. In addition to whole building energy modeling we also conduct daylighting studies and perform life cycle cost analysis.

Christian Stalberg, Principal

Christian has a background in both energy analysis and information technology, the combination of which is well suited for energy modeling. He has a Schools Energy Auditor certification from the California Energy Commission #840328. He also received training in California State Energy Standards Title 24 code compliance from the Association of Bay Area Governments. Between 1984 and 1986 he was co-founder and senior partner in Energetic Systems, a commercial and residential building energy analysis firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Energetic Systems conducted a variety of energetic and related econometric analyses for both the private and public sector. Energetic Systems specialized in California State Energy Standards Title 24 code compliance. Customers consisted of architects, general contractors, builders, developers and homeowners. Energetic Systems used energy analysis computer programs including: CALPAS; F-CHART; DOE-2.1B, MICROPAS and SUNPAS.

After a twenty plus year hiatus working in the telecomputing field, Christian has been modeling buildings and teaching energy modeling since 2008.