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Clean Air as a Public Health Strategy: What are the Priorities?

"Ventilation systems are critical to maintaining the health, comfort, and performance of people in buildings. Recently, the pandemic, risk of wildfire, and other contingencies made clean air in buildings salient to the public in a way it had never been before. Facility owners, standards bodies, and organizations managing building rating systems took note and took action. Still, today’s building operations are guided more by research on occupant comfort and immediate safety than a focus on human performance or long-term, chronic conditions. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities are widely under-funded and under-resourced across the public and private sectors. Additionally, the immediate concerns with COVID-19 may be fading, even as the risks of future pandemics and extreme environmental events remain present." - from the National Academy of Sciences workshop 'Clean Air as a Public Health Strategy: What are the Priorities?'

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